What you can expect from our musicals:

  • All plays work beautifully with either a kids-only cast or intergenerationally!
  • Only $49.95 per show for complete download. Nothing else to buy.
  • Or, we'll mail you a script and CD, with permission to copy, for $69.95
  • Wonderful, memorable, original music and funny, meaningful,memorable scripts.
  • The message and meaning of the subject matter honored and proclaimed!

Click on musicals below for more information, script samples, and song samples.

  • Angelhead

    Do you have favorite Christmas ornaments? Have you ever wondered how they feel ...

  • Outside The Inn

    Outside the Inn has become a classic. Many churches have performed it several t...

  • Uncle Myron Christmas Review

    This play is just plain funny, and audiences love it. It's also a bit of a tear...

  • Seeds

    Seeds is essentially an Easter musical, but it works all year long. A charming, funny script...