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New Testament Books Songs

Words and music by TT Patterson

Matthew, Mark and Luke wrote the facts, John also wrote a Gospel then Luke wrote Acts. The Romans got a letter, it was signed by Paul, The Corinthians got two, but that's not all:

The Galatians and Ephesians, they each got one, But Paul had lots of ink and he still wasn't done:

The Philippians, Colossians, they each got a note, First and Second Thessalonians, he also wrote; Timothy got two but Titus only one, Philemon was his last for a slave on the run.

Who wrote to the Hebrews? No one has a clue; But James wrote a letter and Peter wrote two;

Then John wrote three in a letter-writing mood Revelation's at the end, coming right after Jude.

So let's read all the books, study all twenty-seven, For there might be a quiz when we get to heaven.

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