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The Jewish Bible

Words and music by TT Patterson

In the be-gin-ning, Ge-ne-sis, Now let my peo-ple Ex-o-dus. A book of laws, Le-vi-ti-cus, And Num-bers is a book of lists:

Deu-ter-on-o-my then closes Torah, the Five Books of Mo-ses, Josh-ua, Jud-ges fight their foes, as Ruth is faith-ful, marries Bo-az.

First and Se-cond Sa-muel tell, How Saul lost out to Da-vid, well, Then First and Se-cond Kings re-bel, And violence came and king-doms fell!

Two Chro-ni-cles, the kingdoms fray, But Ez-ra led them back one day; Ne-he-mi-ah taught them how to stay And Es-ther saved the Jews from Ha-men (A-men!)

Job com-plained his friends were nas-ty, David wrote his Psalms to last, he Had a son who was down-cast, Who wrote Pro-verbs, Ec-cle-si-as-tes.

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Song of So-lo-mon lov-ers wed, I-sai-ah saw good things a-head, Je-re-mi-ah wept and pled. For La-men-ta-tions were his bread.

E-ze-kiel saw bones live a-gain, Da-niel faced the li-on's den, Ho-se-a warned of sow-ing wind, And Jo-el saw God's spir-it giv'n.

A-mos said choose good, don't perish, O-ba-di-ah's words, the rarest, Jo-nah spent three nights in a fish, Mi-cah asked "what does the Lord wish?"

Na-hum warned As-sy-ri-a, Ha-ba-kuk's feet tread-ed high'r, "Judgement comes,"said Zeph-an-i-ah, Hag-ga-i and Zech-a-ri-ah.

Com-ing last is Mal-ach-i, To say the day of God draws nigh. Don't ask oh when, oh where, oh why? Don't ask oh why, oh when, oh where?
Just pre-pare,
Just pre-pare,
Just pre-pare!