"Now, there's only one God,"
I explained to my class,
"Not two, not three, only one:
Yet this God exists in Three Persons,
As Father, as Spirit and Son."

Well, I had no idea what
She was talking about,
But when she explained, I had to agree;
Not only is her dad our minister,
But one is one and, well, three is three.

Wow,um,look at the clock!
I really wish I could answer!
But, well, time's up--it really flew!
Now time --there's a mystry;
Who but God understands it?"
Amy shouted, "I do! I do!"

And then God asked us questions
That stumped even Amy Waddle:
Like, " Where were you when I hung the stars?" and
"How do they get those ships in a bottle?"
He said that he found it amusing,
How we use the brains he designed,
To conclude like Nietzsche that "God is dead:
When, as he said, "Hey, I'm doing just fine!"

"That does't make sense!"
Said a girl in the back,
(the minister's kid, Amy Waddle)
That violates the law of contradiction
We learned from Aristotle!"

Then a boy raised his hand
"Oh! oh! I've got a question!"
(I'll admit my nerves were now frayed)
"If Jesus was God, then what was he doing
Did he talk to himself when prayed?"

But when she started to talk about Einstein
God himself appeared, (Three in One!),
He asked Amy if he could speak
And did anyway when she said "I'm not done!"
He explained about quantum mechanics,
Uncertainty, free will, and sin,
And, just for record, though we didn't ask,
how many angels can dance on a pin:
(Assuming that they mambo, then, the answer:extactly ten.)

I awoke in a panic, all covered in sweat,
And shaking like a rattle,
Then got up and revised my lesson plan
Like a warrior preparing for battle;
In case some pint-sized genius waits
(Whom, this time, I won't coddle),
I studied Einstein, Aquinas, Paul,
And, especially, Aristotle

Copyright 2001, TT Patterson Permission is graned to use and reprint this poem as a resource in individual local churches, or casual sharing only. Other publication in a collection, book, antholog, or electronically, is forbidden without specfic permission.